Weight Loss Benefits of Krill Oil: Krill Oil and Weight Loss

Does Krill Oil help with weight loss?

The modern lifestyle poses a number of challenges – high expectations, fast tempo, constant lack of time and ready availability of junk food. All of these combined lead to an epidemic of excessive weight all around the globe that pushes people to look for a solution to their dietary problem. One of the solutions is the use of dietary supplements.

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krill oil

Krill Oil is one of the most efficient supplements that provide Omega-3 acids that are available in the market. It offers a number of advantages – reduced risk of heart disease, improved skin condition. But does Krill Oil help with weight loss? In this article we take a closer look at how Krill Oil affects the body and what effect it may have on your weight.

What causes excess weight?

Since we are going to talk about how does Krill Oil help with weight loss, we need to understand what issues are fundamental and what problems need to be addressed to find a solution. 

Here are the most common causes of excessive body weight among children and adults:

  • High cholesterol levels – this is usually caused by big amounts of junk food that people consume on a daily basis. Prevalence of these items in the diet may have a severe negative impact on the metabolism and lead to a range of problems with digestive, circulatory and neural systems.
  • Certain drugs like antidepressants, diabetes or high pressure medication that use highly effective chemicals to disrupt certain processes that are potentially harmful to the patients.
  • Consistently high stress levels. When our body is impacted by stress, it produces cortisol – a hormone that causes uncontrollable appetite for carbs and sugar and inhibits normal functioning of organs.
  • Bad sleeping habits and non consistent schedule.
  • Lack of exercise or movement in general.

Find out more about how Krill Oil helps you deal with every of the causes listed above!

How Krill Oil influences your body

Our body can accept and digest a variety of fats – some of them are healthy, others are not. Unhealthy fats will increase lipid levels which will result in obesity and a variety of health problems that are connected with excess weight. Healthy fats help you reduce body weight because they are easily burned, and also help burn the excess fat stored in your body.

Krill Oil contains polyunsaturated fats which are the healthy type of fats that are easily digested and provide necessary nutrients to the body. By replacing a part of unhealthy fats with Krill Oil you increase the part of healthy nutrition your body receives on a consistent basis.

Does Krill Oil help with weight loss? Krill Oil is known for its outstanding anti-inflammatory effects as well as improving the performance of heart, liver, lungs, brain and other organs. The overall improvement of bodily functions helps you be more active and maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio. It also normalizes hormone and glucose levels and aids in digestion.

Glucose levels are an important part of your health and wellbeing. Lower glucose levels than normal can cause lack of energy while higher levels will cause the excess to be stored as body fat and lead to development of diabetes. Krill Oil contributes to normalizing the concentration of glucose that will prevent production and storage of excess as fat. As for the hormones, we’ll take a detailed look at them in the next section of the article.

If you are considering a weight loss program, Krill Oil can be an efficient supplement that will help you achieve your goals. Please keep in mind that no two people are the same as the effects of Krill Oil may also vary.

How Krill Oil helps you lose weight

does krill oil help with weight loss

In this section of the article we dive deeper into the benefits of Krill Oil for weight loss and how it helps you not only reduce the symptoms but deal with the root causes.

Reduced feeling of hunger

The first way in which Krill Oil may help lose weight is that it reduces the feeling of hunger thus prompting you to eat less which naturally leads to fat being burned. This is especially useful if you are trying to stick to a diet and experiencing a constant feeling of hunger because of the unusual limitations you have imposed on yourself. It is especially hard for the first few weeks – and the supplements can make this journey much easier for you.

Improved metabolism

Another positive effect that Krill Oil has on your body is that it improves metabolism and thus increases the amount of calories you burn a day on a consistent basis. It lowers the ability of your liver to create fat that is later stored in your belly, instead breaking down the food into energy and nutrients immediately. Krill Oil also improves the ability of your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates which is especially useful when walking or during cardio activities.  If you are looking for an answer to the question does Krill Oil help with weight loss – this is the main factor that helps you deal with the problem.

Better performance during sports activities

The next benefit is tightly connected with the previous – higher concentration of Omega-3 acids contributes to processes that give you more energy and improve your performance when you workout or do some sort of sporting activities. Krill Oil also improves blood flow which makes your muscle more lean, effective and helps them remove lactic acid on a consistent basis.

Some studies also show that Krill Oil contributes to muscle growth by slowing down the rate at which muscles degrade. The increased difference between the growth and breakdown makes your fitness journey easier and produces better results over the same period of time.

Thus Krill Oil is a great addition for people who are looking to get into sports or professional athletes looking to enhance their performance. If you want to include these activities in your routine to lose weight, achieving better results will help you stay motivated along the way.

Inhibition of cortisol production

Krill Oil also helps you reduce stress levels as it positively impacts the neural system in general. It prevents excessive production of cortisol hormone (the so called stress hormone) which is what happens to your body as a reaction to anxiety. Cortisol contributes to hunger and eating so-called ‘comfort food’ (which is rarely healthy and almost always contains unnecessary amounts of carbs), reduction of its level helps you control your impulse eating habits better. You will return to a more calm state quicker and thus resume normal functioning of your body parts.

Triglyceride level reduction

krill oil

Krill Oil supplements will also reduce triglyceride levels which are a known cause of obesity. Triglyceride is found in large quantities in junk food. Omega-3 acid help reduce its levels in your body.

Please keep in mind that Krill Oil alone won’t make you lose fat. You need to adjust your diet and everyday routine to include more movement and activities. The supplements help you achieve your goals, but lifestyle changes and consistency are the key to success.

Krill Oil vs fish oil for weight loss

does krill oil help with weight loss

In the previous sections of this article we’ve discussed how Krill Oil pills can help you combat excessive weight, but about its closest rival in the market – their analog produced from fish fat? Does fish oil omega 3 help you to lose weight? It certainly does as Krill Oil and fish oil are similar in their components and effect on your body. But Krill Oil is a more efficient alternative that is more bioavailable – which means that it is better absorbed and more safe than fish oil.

This is connected with the contents and structure of Krill Oil supplements which are essentially a lipid that include the following:

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) – main active substances;
  • Astaxanthin;
  • Tocopherols;
  • Sterols;
  • Vitamins;
  • Minerals.

Thanks to this solution the Omega-3 acids are quickly broken down into necessary components, absorbed by blood vessels and taken to the organs. This helps the supplements act faster than their rival products.

It is also worth noting that ocean fish (which is considered to be the primary source of Omega-3 acids) is susceptible to mercury that is unfortunately contaminating the waters. While food regulations work to reduce the chance of poisoning in humans, using Krill Oil as your Omega-3 source is safer because krill is smaller and lives a shorter lifespan than fish and is thus less affected by mercury.

Tips to lose weight with Krill Oil

Weight loss is a complex journey that requires clearly set goals, discipline, dedication and the right tools to achieve the desired results. In this section we will provide some advice for those who are looking to lose weight with the use of Krill Oil supplements:

  • Figure out the dosage that works for you. The general rule of thumb is to take enough supplements that contain about 500 milligram of Omega-3 acids per day. But this amount can be increased under certain conditions if prescribed by a doctor. Don’t increase the dosage simply because you want the effect faster – it takes time and discipline for the effects to take place.
  • Don’t skip taking the supplements. You need to do it regularly for the positive effect to build up. Missing it occasionally won’t hurt, but you still need to stick to a schedule. If you want to know does Krill Oil help with weight loss, you need to show discipline.
  • Take the Krill Oil with your meal. This way the acids are better absorbed into the blood flow and delivered to the organs, especially if the food includes healthy fats. It also helps you build a reliable routine of taking the supplements on a regular basis. This is crucial to achieving long term goals.
  • Develop an exercise routine and stick to it. Supplements and sports go hand in hand and you need both for a tangible result. Don’t push yourself too hard though; stress from overworking yourself will likely result in drawbacks.
  • Adjust your diet. Eat as healthy as possible. Cut on sugar and carbs, avoid junk food whenever possible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cheat meal once in a while, but supplements (even combined proper exercise) without proper fuel for your body won’t work. You’ll cancel out the positive effect that you work so hard for.
  • Try meditation or cardio. As mentioned above, stress is often the main contributing factor to obesity and working on it may lay the foundation for a quicker recovery.

By combining healthy diet, exercise and high quality Omega-3 supplements you can achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health.

Side effects of Krill Oil for weight loss

Can Krill Oil cause weight gain? It is possible in case of excess consumption of this supplement. This is why it is important to plan the diet accordingly and to consult your physician beforehand.

The possible side effects may also include:

  • diarrhea;
  • headaches;
  • abdominal pain;
  • low blood pressure.

If you experience any of these, we strongly recommend you to hold consumption of Krill Oil and get medical help.

Please keep in mind that the effects of Krill Oil supplements on pregnant women and fetuses have not been studied enough and you need to consult a physician before taking Krill Oil for weight loss during pregnancy.

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krill oil

Overall side effects of Krill Oil are predictable and usually don’t have a lasting effect on health. You can safely use these supplements in your diet for weight loss.

for all the most common side effects of Krill Oil read more here


Does Krill Oil help with weight loss? It definitely does. It is an efficient tool to burn fat, reduce excess weight and improve overall well being. Krill Oil supplements will help you be more active and improve your sports performance. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise you can reliably set and achieve your weight loss goals. We hope our article helps you make an informed choice on the use of Krill Oil and how to use it to your advantage.